Hammer on Steel:  Bad Boys & Genius


 Hammer on Steel:  The Concert

Turn Blue:  The Short Life of Ghoulardi

For northeast Ohioans who grew up in this area in the 1960s, the new TV production Turn Blue: The Short Life of Ghoulardi is an entertaining blast from the past. Ernie Anderson, who played Cleveland's counter-culture media celebrity Ghoulardi, hosted WJW-TV's late-night horror movies from 1963 to 1966 and was an incredible influence locally.
The one-hour production premiered on Western Reserve PBS in 2009. It earned two Emmy Awards, for directing and editing for producer Phil Hoffman.

The world premiere of the production was held in 2009 at the annual Ghoulardifest, . More information about this event can be found at  You can still meet Hoffman every year at the weekend of craziness.


 If You're Not Dead, Play!!

University of Akron documentary maker Phil Hoffman is rocking Akron again. His new production for Western Reserve PBS If You're Not Dead, Play!! is a sequel to It's Everything and Then It's Gone, Hoffman's documentary that chronicled the rise of Akron rock legends like Devo and The Waitresses.


Floating on Air

If you were raised in Akron during the latter half of the 20th century, the sight and sound of blimps floating overhead probably hold a place in your childhood mental scrapbook. In Floating on Air, a new production by Phil Hoffman, lighter-than-air enthusiasts share the fond memories and fascinating history of Akron’s unofficial mascot of the skies. 



Akron:  Do You Remember?

A quick look at the history of the neighborhoods that make up the city of Akron, and some of the local hotspots that are legend.

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